Resources for Active Volunteers

The Jackson County CASA staff is here to help our CASA Volunteers. If you have questions, please contact your Case Supervisor, one of our CASA staff attorneys or CASA’s Executive Director at 816-984-8208.

If you feel as though any information has been omitted or is incorrect, please contact Jessica Kerrigan.

For articles and educational resources, please visit the National CASA/GAL Resource page.

United Way 211 Resources




Note: These links and documents are provided for informational purposes only for CASA Volunteers/GALs. This information should not be considered as, or as a substitute for, legal advice and is not intended to, nor does it create, an attorney-client relationship. Because the information included here is general, it may not apply to your individual legal or factual circumstances. And, as always, all CASA Volunteers should work with his/her CASA Case Supervisor while looking for resources for any CASA family.